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The natural processes of exhaustiveness and increased volatility in the availability and the price of the financial and natural resources, together with the economic cycles of progress and standstill in the development of the national and world economy place high requirements and standards for development in front of the financial system. This requires innovative and various financial solutions for keeping and managing funds, as well as for control and protection against the market risks, concerning the financial assets.

All this necessitates and outlines good perspectives in the development of special banking in the direction of professional consulting, analysis, development and realization of specialized financial products and decisions. On the other hand, this is a good business possibility and a competitive advantage for the clients of CCB in the implementation of a contemporary and strongly specialized approach of financial intermediation and interaction.


Private banking analyses, consults, prepares and proposes an appropriate bank product or financial decision to clients important to CCB – individuals and legal entities. The strategy of private banking includes studying the demands and the specific needs of first-class clients and applying an individual solution with the aim of better performance and stability of their business and financial state not only under the conditions of economic growth and prosperity of the markets, but also under unfavourable market conditions. Emphasis is put on the professional attitude to the client and the building up of mutual trust. The availability of a personal banker guarantees direct commitment of the Bank with the positions and the views of the client regarding his/her business and financial state.

The work of Private Banking puts CCB among the smaller, very flexible and innovative financial companies. However, the Bank has an advantage, pronounced in the better efficiency of the resource of the big institution, as well as an easy access to all world financial markets, which makes possible the various product decisions at a relatively lower price.

Main aspects of the work within Private Banking

  1. Growth /protection/ of the fortune – structures for hedge and financial decisions for individuals and companies, ensuring the management of funds and protection against market risks according to the individual profile and needs of the client;
  2. Investment /trend/ decisions – leverage structures and financial products for reaching optimum profitability according to risk;
  3. Establishment /keeping/ of a future standard – a combination of structures and composite financial products to guarantee the high standard and results in the future – financial, pension, insurance solutions and solutions to manage the client’s fortune;
  4. Risk management and active monitoring of all financial operations and opened positions of the client;
  5. Preferential servicing concerning ordinary bank operations.

Advantages to the client:

  • an individual approach in the development of various financial decisions, specially structured according to the specific need of the client;
  • managing the operative and financial efficiency via protection and control on the market risks, concerning the fortune and business of the client;
  • planning and managing the future cash flows;
  • a possibility for a financial leverage and multiplying the positive effect in successful financial decisions;
  • professional consulting, active monitoring and risk management of the assumed positions;
  • a personal banker directly engaged with the relationships between the client and CCB and the preservation of mutually beneficial long-term business interest;
  • preferential /VIP/ servicing.

“Private Banking” division

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