Securities Transactions

Central Cooperative Bank has a rich experience in trade with Bulgarian government securities in BGN and in foreign currency, as well as in trade in the international equity markets. Fixed Income Instruments.

The bank offers to its customers – citizens and companies – deals with the following fixed income instruments:

  • Securities for the internal government debt of Bulgaria (government securities);
  • Global obligations for the foreign debt of Bulgaria;
  • Government obligations of the countries from the Eurozone, Central Europe, USA and Latin America.

Investment Intermediary

Central Cooperative Bank is a licensed investment intermediary and a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia and the Central Depositary AD.

With the mediation of the bank, our customers have the possibility to buy and sell:

  • Corporate securities – shares and obligations of Bulgarian enterprises and banks;
  • Bulgarian depository receipts of leading European companies listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD;
  • all kinds of compensatory instruments.

More ...

Central Cooperative Bank makes trustee services such as storage of securities in the name of its customers, as well as representation of securities owners before issuers.

Useful information

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General information for customers of II CCB AD (39.0 KB)
General Conditions of II CCB AD (138.0 KB)
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