Electronic Signature

The qualified electronic signature is a means for the certification of authorship of documents with which you can save plenty of time. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet, you can sign different documents without leaving your home or office.
What does its universality consist of?
Above all it is a legally recognized authentic signature with respect to all persons in the country. This means that each document that you sign with it has the same value and validity, as if you sign it on paper.
The qualified electronic signature gives indisputable guarantee for your identity. It makes impossible the counterfeiting of your documents, keeps the communication secret and makes the electronic document official.
The electronic signature offered by CCB is issued by Infonotary EAD.

How you can receive an electronic signature

You can buy a qualified electronic signature certificate from any CCB office.
If you are an individual you need an ID card.
For companies there is a need of a court decision, current status certificate, BULSTAT and ID card of the company representative. A letter of attorney is also required in case that the company is represented by an expressly authorized for the purpose person.

To sign with a qualified electronic signature you need to have:

  • Qualified electronic signature certificate
  • A technical device where to save the certificate – smart card and a reader for it.

From each CCB office you can buy either only the Qualified electronic signature certificate or the technical device, or both.
At the purchase of the Qualified electronic signature certificate you will receive a free CD containing software for work with smart cards and certificates and software for signing and verification of electronic documents. This software is also available for saving from the site www.infonotary.com.

How much it will cost you

Since 30 July 2007 you can buy a package containing qualified electronic signature, smart card and card reader at a preferential price:

  • Qualified electronic signature package for individuals - 66 BGN including VAT
  • Qualified electronic signature package for legal entities -102 BGN including VAT

Single prices of devices and services are as follows:

  • Qualified electronic signature of individuals: 24 BGN including VAT
  • Qualified electronic signature of legal entities: 60 BGN including VAT
  • Smart card: 19.20 BGN including VAT
  • Card reader: 22.80 BGN including VAT
  • Software and drivers: included in the qualified signature issuance price

Where you can use the qualified electronic signature

Bank services for individuals

With the qualified electronic signature you could profit from series of CCB products without visiting the bank office – fast, easy and comfortable:

  • You can apply for WEB Credit – you receive credit up to 3,000 BGN without visiting the bank, without guarantors and without submitting documents. Credit approval takes 2 hours.
  • With the qualified electronic signature you can use the WEB Package, offered by CCB.  You can order the following products and services without visiting the bank:
  • Visa or MasterCard card – international credit card that you use worldwide. You chose between Favorite – with a grace period for purchases up to 60 days and Guaranteed – with a minimum residual
  • Market card – local credit card with which you obtain a grace period of up to 60 days for purchases and you use a 1% bonus when shopping in trade points marked with the Market card sticker
  • Visa Electron or Maestro – international debit card with profitable interest rate on the account and numerous additional possibilities
  • Subscription to periodic bills – automatic payment of bills for phone, electricity, water, heating, GSM and cable TV
  • SMS messages – you receive information about the movements and disposable balance in your accounts
  • SMS Detective – you obtain the best protection against frauds and abuse with your card
  • Management of the parameters of your credit and debit cards – change of credit limit, amount for card transactions, order of statement from the card account and others

Correspondence with public bodies

With the qualified electronic signature you can sign and exchange electronically official documents with the following institutions:

Technical information

In the course of issuance of each electronic signature certificate a pair of cryptographic keys are generate - private and public. Private key can be used for the creation of the electronic signature with which you sign the relevant document. You should not give the private key to third parties.
Public key is necessary for verification of the electronic signature, i.e. it is needed by the organization, bank or other person that will accept the document signed with a qualified electronic signature. Via the public key they will be assured that the document has been signed exactly by you as the owner of the qualified electronic signature certificate. Public key is registered in the certificate issued by Infonotary EAD and can be delivered in two ways:

  • Via the Infonotary EAD site from where it can downloaded
  • You can give it to the person to whom you will send documents signed by you.
For additional information:
Call phone number 0800 11 400 /the phone call is free for customers from the whole country/ or 02/9266 500, you can write to us to the address: cards@ccbank.bg.
For information concerning the software installation for the qualified electronic signature, call 02/921 0890.

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