Accounts for Legal Entities

Central Cooperative Bank AD (CCB) opens current accounts in BGN in all bank offices only against the submission of a request for the opening of a bank account and personal identity document which is:

  • Personal card – for Bulgarian citizens;
  • International passport – for foreign citizens;
  • A card, issued by the Ministry of Interior bodies – for persons with approved temporary or permanent residence in Bulgaria.

Opening, maintenance and closing of all accounts is free.

From one single current account you can execute the following transactions in each Bank office:

  • deposit or withdraw cash;
  • perform internal bank transfers and payments;
  • perform interbank transfers and payments in BGN and foreign currency.

Additional services related to your account

  • The use of the Internet banking
  • system is an easy and comfortable way to manage and make orders concerning the funds in your accounts via the PC in your office or home.
  • You have the opportunity to control the state of your account via SMS messages to your mobile phone, if you are a subscriber to M-Tel or Globul. You don’t have to visit the bank or call on the phone in order to be informed in time about the balance and movements of your account.

Conveniences of your account in CCB

Take advantage of the attractive conditions and additional opportunities of your bank account in CCB:

  • Your account in CCB is multifunctional because by means of it you use numerous bank services:
    - Debit card or ;
    - you can receive your work salary on this account;
    - you can pay in the country and abroad;
    - you can deposit and withdraw cash;
    - you save at a extremely profitable interest rate (206.6 KB) without being restricted to meet deadlines;
    - you receive interest each month and you don’t pay maintenance fees;
    - you can use a loan – overdraft and consumer loan from Central Cooperative Bank.
  • You can profit from our attractive offers for deposits on your accounts

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