Loans for Operational Funds

Central Cooperative Bank provides the operational funds, which you need, whereas upon determining the loan type, your needs and the movement of your cash flows are taken into consideration.

Types of loans for operational funds:

Standard loan

Provided when there are no deviations from the general credit requirements and the bank conditions. The loan amount is utilized as a bulk sum or partially within the negotiated term and is repaid according to the schedule.

Overdraft loan

It entitles the Bank client to make payments above the disposable availability on its current account up to a certain limit within the negotiated term. The repayment and use may be made many times, without the requirement of full utilization of the negotiated amount.

Loan conditions

Repayment term

The maximum term is 12 months.

Interest rates

The interest rates are floating and are determined depending on the credit risk, loan amount and currency.

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