Agricultural Technology Loan


The “Agricultural technology” loan is meant for individuals and legal entities – Agricultural producers, registered by the procedures of Ordinance №3/29.01.1999, complying with the following conditions:

  • The loan applicant has concluded a contract with the State Agricultural Fund for granting financial aid or has deposited at the Payment Agency an application for aid under measure 121 “Modernization of farms”.
  • The loan applicant has a financial history and carries out business activity for at least one financial year.
  • The loan applicant has a good credit reputation, does not have loans, classified in the group other than “regular exposures”.
  • The loan applicant does not have executable public liabilities.
  • The loan applicant has realized a positive financial result.

Loan purpose

Financing investment projects for agricultural technology under the Program for the development of rural regions (2007 – 2013).


  • Loan amount – up to BGN 1 000 000
  • Owen participation
    - not less than 10 % of the project value (without VAT);
    - The Bank may finance up to 100 % of the project value /without VAT / upon presentation of additional security under the loan.
  • Repayment term – up to 60 months
  • Currency – BGN, EUR and USD
  • Interest conditions – subject to agreement
  • Term of utilization – up to 6 months
  • Loan type – standard (with a repayment schedule)
  • Way of repaying the principal
    - according to an individual repayment schedule
  • Interest payments – every month
  • Grace period – up to 3 months after the loan utilization
  • Collateral
    - First in order special pledge on the agricultural technology, purchased with the loan. The bank applies a reduction coefficient the value of the agricultural technology up to 0,80;
  • Fees and commissions – according to the Tariff on the interest rates, fees and commissions of CCB Plc

Necessary documents

According to the Rules on the credit activity of the bank, the following documents are additionally provided:

  • Contract for granting financial aid with the State Agricultural Fund – Payment agency. In case of financing before the contract approval, the loan applicant presents a certified copy of the Application for assistance under Measure 121 “Modernization of farms” with a project identification number, completed by the Payment Agency and CCB Plc is completed as a servicing bank in the application /section IV “Description of the candidate” from Application for assistance/;
  • Table of the allowed investments /an inseparable part of the project/;
  • Contracts for the supply of agricultural technology with identification number of the project, put on all pages.

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