Agricultural Producer Loan


The product is meant for the agricultural producers (registered by the procedures of Ordinance №3/29.01.1999) that identified the used arable lands in the Integrated System for Administration and Control /ISAC / and submitted a general application for payments per area 2008.

Loan purpose

Financing the agricultural activity of registered farmers against a subsidy for arable land according to the Scheme for Single Payment per Area /SSPA/ and the scheme “National Additional Payments” /NAP/.


  • Loan amount – up to 90% of the expected subsidies for arable land according to Scheme for Single Payment per Area and the scheme “National Additional Payments” /NAP/
  • Repayment term – up to 12 months
  • Currency – BGN
  • Interest conditions – subject to agreement
  • Loan type – overdraft or standard
  • Collateral – first in order special pledge on a receivable under the Scheme for Single Payment per Area /SSPA/ and the scheme “National Additional Payments” /NAP/, as well as the surety of two or more individuals, one of which is the owner of a company – loan applicant
  • Way of repayment of the principal
    One-off at the end of the 12 month period. With the transfer of the subsidy, the loan is repaid entirely, regardless of the deadline.
  • Interest payments – monthly
  • Fees and commissions
    - management fee – 1% per annum;
    - fee for early repayment is not due in the cases, when the source of funds is a subsidy received under SSPA and the scheme “National Additional Payments”;
    - remaining fees – according to the Tariff on the interest rates, fees and commissions of CCB Plc

Necessary documents

According to the Rules on the credit activity of CCB Plc, Appendix № 3 the following documents are provided:

  • Documents, evidencing the legal statute of the borrower and the three liable persons;
  • Documents, concerning the financial state:
    - certified tax declaration for the last annual period;
  • Other documents and permits, necessary for the performance of the activity:
    - General application for payment per area 2008, certified by a stamp of the District Payment Agency, a completed unique registration and a unique identification number;
    - a certificate by the State Agricultural Fund – Payment Agency, containing information about: the individual details of the candidate; the unique registration number of the candidate; IBAN of the account, specified by the candidate; total amount of the expected assistance; imposed sanctions for 2007
    - documents, evidencing the property and/or rented use of the declared agricultural areas /for the contracts for rent for a term above 2 years and the contracts for land use a notarial certification is required and entry in the Entries Office subjected to the respective regional court /- the documents are not required for loan applicants, which have repaid a loan according to the Rules for working with the product for farmers, or for the previous year they have obtained a subsidy for all claimed areas.
    - certified registration card of Regional Directorate “Agriculture and forests”.
  • Declarations and inquiries according to a sample provided by CCB Plc, including a declaration about the civil and property state and relationships with credit institutions for the two borrowers /according to a sample, provided by the Bank /.

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