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Increase your sales with the POS terminals of Central Cooperative Bank

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till 31 August 2009

CCB offers to you the possibility to optimize your expenses and facilitate your clients in purchases of goods and services, via the use of bank cards.

  • You may accept payments with VISA and MasterCard credit cards and VISA Electron and Maestro debit cards.
  • No fess for installation of the terminal.
  • Free opening of a checking account.
  • Flexible scheme for taxation depending on the turnover of the POS terminal.

If you are a trader and you would like to accept payment via debit and credit cards at your trade shop or online shop, the Bank provides to you the possibility to install a POS terminal or on-line payments directly on the web site of your shop on the Internet.

POS terminal devices

What is it and how does it work?

POS terminals serve for the performance of wire transfers, where the funds from the bank account of the buyer – cardholder pass to the account of the trader.

Types of terminals

POS terminals, using the phone line of BTC

There must be a phone connection, which is used only in the interval of time, necessary for the performance of the payment.

Portable POS terminals with a connection via a mobile operator

POS terminals with a GPRS connection use a SIM card for transfer of data, which allows them to be mobile and independent from the presence of a BTC phone.

Principle of work

Upon payment the terminal checks the card validity, connects to the card issuer and upon the presence of funds on the account of the cardholder, prints out a receipt and transfers the claimed amount to the account of the trader.

Payment system for the online shop

What is it and how does it work?

CCB offers to you the possibility for on-line card payments upon a purchase from your online shop. The client enters the information about his/her card on a special protected page. After checking the validity and availability on the account, the payment is made:

Your benefits from the abovementioned new ways of paying the bills are:

  • Accelerating the turnover of the company cash flow – the amounts are credited to the current account of your organization till 24 o’clock for the performance of the payment by the client;
  • Decreasing the expenses for the collection of monthly bills, paid by clients cash at the cashiers of your company;
  • Facilitating clients and increasing the quality of the service, offered by you;
  • Gradual decrease of the salaries expenses of your staff.
For an application or information you may call at 02/9266 521, as well as to write to us at e-mail: proletka.slavova@ccbank.bg.

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