Goods on Credit

How to become our trade partner for the "Goods on credit" service.

Central Cooperative Bank Plc has the pleasure to present to your attention its "Goods on credit" service. It is directed at the granting of consumer loans to your clients for the purchase of goods from your company. Our service is exceptionally suitable for you, if you offer furniture, “black” or “white” technology, aluminum window frames, computers, mobile phones, etc.

In order to take advantage of the service offered by CCB Plc, it is necessary:

  • For your company to have carried out commercial activity for at least 1 year;
  • to have a computer with an Internet access at your trade shops.

The requirements to clients for the granting of a loan are minimum – to have a permanent place of work and to work and live in the settlement, where your shop is located. There are no requirements to the presentation of documents, evidencing the place of work or the amount of the monthly remuneration received.

If you take advantage of our proposal, you will enjoy the following advantages.

More clients
Via the "Goods on credit" service you may attract more clients, which at the moment do not dispose with the necessary funds for purchasing goods from you.

No risk to you
The risk of non-payment on time of the repayment installments under the loan by the borrowers is assumed entirely by the Bank.

No expenses for software
The exchange of information between companies and the Bank with regard to loan applications is via a specialized program, the access to which is via the Internet. It is not necessary to install the program on your computers. The program application does not put burden on you with any fees for purchase or use.

Quick transfer of the information
The information about the applications sent to you, as well as the approval of loans is submitted between your office and the Bank via the Internet, which considerably accelerates and simplifies the procedure for the granting of loans.

Possibility for mutual promotion of the service
CCB Plc will advertise the "Goods on credit" service on its web site, as well as via other forms of service promotion.

If you are interested in the service, you may contact us at 02/9266528 or at e-mail:
We look forward to your call!

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