With just a single SMS, you receive information about the balance on all your CCB cards, regardless of whether they are debit or credit cards
Send a SMS from your mobile phone and you will receive an answer within a few minutes.
Sign up for a SMS balance check
Sign up for the service at a CCB office by specifying the cards and a mobile phone. You can register an unlimited number of cards.
How to use the SMS balance check
Send a SMS to number:
190091 for A1 subscribers;
1618 for Telenor and Vivacom subscribers
with content Nxxxx. "N" stands for balance and "xxxxx" is your personal code received at the bank.
For example, if your personal code is 1234, the content of the SMS message should be "N1234". In response, by a single SMS you receive information about the balance on all of your subscribed cards.
There is no risk that another person could receive information about your cards because the SMS availability check can only be used on your mobile phone and by your personal code.
By the SMS balance check you receive up-to-date information about the balance on your cards.
You can receive the dame information:
at an ATM;
on the Internet after signing up at ePay.bg;

The SMS service price is set subject to the Bank's tariff. The cost of the SMS is equivalent to the price of all other SMSs, without any increase in the rate.
General Terms and Conditions