The share capital of CCB Plc at present amounts to BGN 113 154 291 and is distributed in 113 154 291 shares, each with a par value of BGN 1. Shares are registered, book-entry, ordinary, freely negotiable, each share entitling its holder to one vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Bank's shares are traded at an official market of equities "Premium" of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia AD. The main shareholder of the bank is Chimimport, which directly and through related parties in the sense of the Law on the Public Offering of Securities, controls above 75% of the votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders of CCB Plc.

As at 30.09.2012 the main bank shareholders are:


ХимимпортBulgaria AirАрмеецCCB LifeCCB СИлаCCB Bam