International activity

International Payments

International Payments are carried out quickly and efficiently by CCB through its well maintained global network of first-class correspondent banks. CCB maintains nostro accounts for payments in 14 of the majour currencies and is capable to perform transfers denominated in more than 100 of the world’s more exotic currencies, as a result of special multy-currency account agreements with some of its correspondents. You may find our updated List of Correspondent Bank Accounts here.

Sincse 2010 CCB is a direct member of the pan-European payment system for Euro transfers TARGET2.

Since 2008 CCB is an indirect member of the SEPA compliant payment system EBA STEP2 for the performance of SEPA Credit Transfers within the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area).

Since 2010 CCB is a direct participant in the local SEPA compliant payment system BISERA7-EUR.

In its capacity of a master agent of Western Union,the company global leader in payment services. since 2003 CCB performs fast Western Union money transfers at more that 250 of its locations and through its internet banking platform.

CCB offers high quality banking services and expertise in the area of trade finance and international documentary credits, documentary collections and bank guarantees.


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