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Online Western Union money transfers only with CCB!


Send and receive money online with Western Union and CCB !

You can already send and receive fast Western Union money transfers to and from 500 000 locations throughout 200 countries and teritories worldwide, using the convenience of your home and your bank account with CCB AD !

In response to the fast moving technologies and to satisfy customers’ needs, Central Cooperative Bank and Western Union, a world leader in global payment services, joined their efforts to create a new product for the Bulgarian market, which allows for the bank account holders of CCB to send and receive money convenietly and easily via internet. Launching for the first time in Bulgaria online account based Western Union money transfers, CCB once again confirms its innovative approach in providing financial services to its clients. The new product adds more value to the CCB’s internet banking platform, offering a new and convenient solution to the bank’s account holders, who want to send and receive fast money transfers to or from their families and friends abroad.

The service is available for clients, who are physical persons and registered for the full version of the CCB’s internet banking.


How to send money ?

You could easily send money through the new “Western Union” menu in the internet banking platform of CCB. After you input the names of your receiver, the destination country and the transfer amount, you just choose the account from which you wish to send the transfer and the money is already sent and available for picking up by the receiver. We have provided our senders with an option to get a SMS notification when your money transfer is received.


How to receive money ?

Using the new “Western Union” menu in CCB’s internet banking, you could easily receive money without leaving your home, office, hotel, airport … You only have to input the money transfer controll number (MTCN), to select the currency and the bank account into which you wish to receive your money.

Terms and Conditions applicable to the Western Union Money Transfer Service (136.5 KB)

 About Western Union

Western Union is more than an instrument meant to help you send and receive money. Every day, we help people get in touch with their loved ones, all over the world, through this fast, secure and affordable money transfer tool. We operate with a network of about 500,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. In Bulgaria, this service is also available through the Central Cooperative Bank (CCB) network.

Services supplied by CCB and Western Union:

Money transfer from abroad to Bulgaria – little joys shorten large distances, and you who are at home, know it best. Western Union gets brings you the money quickly.

Money transfer from Bulgaria to other countries – your loved ones, who are not with you, can receive your help no matter where they are.

Money transfer from Bulgaria to Bulgaria – even when you are not abroad, but far from your family nonetheless, you can still do something nice for those back home. With Western Union it is easy to transfer leva, euros or American dollars everywhere in Bulgaria. There are over 1200 agent locations all over the country, where you can send money, and they can pick up the transferred amounts.

Steps to take to:

Send money:

  • Come to the nearest CCB location. All you have to do is bring a valid ID, mention the country of destination, the amount you wish to send and the recipient’s full name.
  • After having consigned the amount you wish to transfer and the fee (Western Union may earn money based on the exchange rate difference), the Western Union operator will type the details of your transaction in the computer and will print the “send money” receipt.
  • Please check all the details printed on the receipt to make sure that they are correct and sign the receipt.
  • The receipt will include the money transfer control number (MTCN: a ten-digit number) and the paid amount.
  • The money will be available for pick up after you have received the receipt containing the MTCN. Generally, the amounts can be paid in a few minutes, both when sending and when receiving money. This interval meets the terms and conditions of the service, including the business hours of the agents and the time zone differences. In certain countries, to pick up the money, the recipient must communicate to the operator the money transfer control number (MTCN).

Receive money:

  • Come to the nearest CCB location. All you have to do is bring a valid ID. Please tell the operator the country where the money was sent from, the sender’s full name, the exact amount you are expecting, as well as the money transfer control number (MTCN).
  • To make the payment, the Western Union operator will check your ID and the information you have provided.
  • Please check all the details printed on the “receive money” receipt to make sure they are correct and sign the receipt. The operator will hand over the money and the receipt to you.

Charges and Fees (188.5 KB)

The fees for cash transactions are standard, and they are to be paid only by the sender.

For further information on the Western Union service, please contact our call centre at 02/9266254 and 02/9266257


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