Future Loan

You need a small loan for a short term? Do not postpone your plans there is already a consumer loan Dream. You will receive a quick approval and you will need no guarantor  – it is sufficient to work under an employment contract.

Reply to the loan application up to 1 hour!

You can receive Dream Loan, if:

  • You work under permanent labour contract;
  • You have minimum 6 months of work experience at your current job;

Credit parameters

  • Amount – up to BGN 8000
  • Term – up to 8 years

Interest conditions

  • Standard annual interest rate - 10%
  • A preferential interest rate upon a transfer of min. 40% of the salary plus the monthly loan installment

    - 8.5% (upon  transfer of the salary on account with CCB)

A possibility for additional rebates in the interest rates upon package sales:

  • 0,1% upon the sale of a loan and a credit card
  • 0,1% upon the sale of a loan and a debit card
  • 0,1% upon the presentation of a valid “Kasko” insurance policy of a vehicle, Protected home or Protected family with Armeec insurance company JSC

The rebates can be combined!

  The annual percentage rate  is to the amount of 8,74% for a loan to the amount of BGN 8000, a repayment term 8  years, with an included one-off fee for reviewing the loan application and a floating interest rate 8.2% (reference interest rate for consumer loans (RIRcl) + a margin 3.7%). Total due amount BGN 10 995,09 and amount of the monthly installment BGN 113,91.

See the methodology of CCB Plc (92,6 KB) for determining the BIR of consumer loans.


  • The loan is granted without a guarantor!

You can calculate alone the amount of the monthly installments using our CREDIT CALCULATOR for Dream Loan.

Documents we expect you to submit: All the necessary documents will be provided on the spot in the office of CCB.

When you apply for the credit:

For your guarantor:

For your convenience you can make print out the required forms, fill them in and present them in the bank office where you serve your bank account. We will answer to your application within two business days.

How much will the credit cost you?

A review fee for a loan application

    • BGN 30 for amounts up to BGN 3000
    • BGN 60 for amounts above BGN 3000

 Additional information about questions that interest you can be obtained on the green phone 0800 11 400 (call is free for customers from the whole country) or on the phone 02/9266 500, as well as in all offices of Central Cooperative Bank.

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