Оnline service – sending and receiving Western Union money transfers



Dear customers,

On 22.10.2014 CCB AD launches a new online service – sending and receiving Western Union money transfers. Such money transfers could be sent or received on payment accounts held at the bank and registered for internet banking. The service is available only for physical persons, who have full access to the internet banking platform of CCB AD. If you want to use the Western Union service, you must visit only once any bank office of CCB  to be registered for the new service. You should also bring your ID with you.
Fees and commissions are not charged for ‘receive’ Western Union money transfers.
For sending money transfers the uniform tariff of the Western Union company for Bulgaria will be applied. This tariff could be seen here.

If you have questions or you need our assistance you can call us on the following phones:
02/9266254, 02/9266257, 02/9266180 /02/9266688/ and 02/9266666 /from 08:30 till 19:00/.

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