Dear clients,



We hereby inform you that on 07.06.2012 the Management Board of the Bank took a decision for a change in the Tariff on the interest rates, fees and commissions of Central Cooperative Bank Plc in Section IV “Operations with bank cards” Art. 1 “Operations with electronic debit cards”, p. 5.

We present to your attention the effected changes to the Bank Tariff, which enter into force as of 07.08.2012 , i.е. after expiry of 2 months from the date of the present announcement:

Changes to the Bank Tariff
p.5 Cash withdrawal at АТМ or via POS in Bulgaria 
а) via POS at an office of the Bank or at АТМ 
- at АТМ or via POS of CCB PlcBGN 0.20
- at АТМ or via POS of another bankBGN 0.90
b) via POS at a trader after payment of goods and services at the same traderBGN 0.30
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