Annual reports

As a public company, Central Cooperative Bank Plc discloses information on its activities on a regular basis. Prospectuses issued by CCB Plc for the purpose of public offering of securities - as well as the periodic financial statements of the company are available to shareholders and stakeholders at the CCB Plc head-office and also at the Bulgarian National Securities Comission.

The full text of annual reports may be downloaded below:

Annual Report 2014 (4.4 MB)

Annual report 2013 (2.8 MB)

Annual Report 2012 (5.3 MB)

Annual Report 2011 (6.8 MB)

Annual Report 2010 (10.0 MB)

Annual Report 2009 (2.6 MB)

Annual Report 2008 (10.4 MB)

Annual Report 2007 (4.3 MB)

Annual Report 2006 (3.0 MB)


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